Streamline the printing and processing of your online sales

Packing Partner allows you to streamline the printing and packing of your online sales, from eBay, Amazon, Channel Advisor, Rakuten, OSCommerce, EKM Powershop, Cubecart and many other selling channels.

Orders can be sorted, filtered and organised the way you work. Print Packing and Picking lists, invoices or labels, send automated customer emails with tracking links and scheduled feedback reminders.

Export data to most UK carriers, design your own print templates, for anything from simple address labels, to complete invoices. they can include PPI images and prefilled CN22 forms. Optionally import and print carrier labels, on integrated label paper. 

Built in tabbed browser

The built in browser has all the features of a modern browser, and allows you to use and work with your shopping channel in the way you are familiar with.

In addition to the standard features of a modern browser, there are additional ones that are specifically designed for online sellers.

Options to startup your browser with the web sites you use most, and automatically login to your sales channel, mean that Packing Partner is ready to use, as soon as you open it.

There is no need to setup API or other complex access. Just collect your orders into Packing Partner, directly from the browser interface you are used to.

All your sales in one view

Process all your sales from different channels in one place, sort and filter your orders by criteria that helps you work more flexibly and efficiently.

Create shipping rules that allow you to determine the carrier and method you want to use for each sale. Optionally you can create export files for all the major UK carriers and create your own format for smaller ones.

Just like on your sales channel, Packing Partner organises your sales by their status, so you can see at a glance, how each order is progressing through your system.

Synchronise and transfer data between different locations, using FTP, local network or cloud storage.

Efficient shipping

Shipping rules allow you determine the exact carrier and method that is best for each parcel you ship. Using criteria contained in each sale, ensures that you use the most effective shipping method for each order.

For example you can specify orders over a particular value or weight go by a different method or carrier. You can just print this information, or create an export file for your carrier such as Royal Mail or MyHermes.

Export files for:

Despatch Express, Despatch Manager, DPD, DX, FedEx UK, Interlink, Low Cost Parcels, MyHermes, Net Despatch, TNT, UKMail and UPS.

Import labels from:

Currently we support importing of individual address label extracted from the PDF files produced by Despatch Manager, Interlink and MyHermes

Powerful layout designer

Based on an HTML drag and drop interface, the layout designer gives you the power to print any of the information contained in your sales records.

Position text and images anywhere on the printed page, and even choose what gets to be printed when an sales order flows onto more than one page.

Pre-defined frames and fields allow you to print VAT or non VAT invoices, select the correct PPI image and automatically print CN22 forms when required.

The latest version of the designer uses HTML5 and CSS3 to make your printed output more flexible than ever. Text and images can take advantage of any formatting that is available with modern HTML and CSS.


Packing Partner has a comprehensive set of features that you need to process your online orders. Aimed at sellers who are processing between 20 and 2,000 orders per day, it can save you hours of work every day.

The pricing of Packing Partner is based on the features you want to use. If you are a small business, you can start with the basic functionality and add features as your business grows.


Abacus Export
Tradebox Export
CSV & XML Export


Item Images
Shipping Extras
Mailsort Codes


Sync Records
Transfer Records
Product Lookup
Sales Invoice


Packing List
Picking List
Postal Record
Replaceable Frame
Print Extras


Product Sales
VAT on Sales
Sales Summary


Spell Check

Export orders and optionally upload them to Exact Abacus
Export a file for Tradebox to import into Sage
Allows you to export records for importing into other programs

Save time by Queuing sales from more than one page
Translate titles from foreign languages and get exchange rates
Collects product images from sites that have a link to them
Adds codes for exports regional deliveries and CN22
Adds codes for users who user Royal Mail Mailsort or Packetsort

The archive feature allows you to search all the records that have been collected
Email customers with status updates, invoices and feedback reminders
Import records from CSV files, allowing you to import data from unsupported channels
Synchronise data between PCs via local network, cloud storage or FTP
Collect on one PC and transfer to another using the sync server
Create a product list from collected sales for entering into sales invoices
Create invoices directly in Packing Partner to enter telephone or cash sales

Printing a field as a barcode allows you to find a record using a barcode scanner
Print invoices or delivery notes on plain or integrated label paper
Prints a list that shows each customer's details and ordered items
Print a list of products grouped by title or SKU for picking
Print a list that can be signed and stamped as proof of postage at a Post Office
Print different text or images on a label or invoice, e.g. 1st or 2nd class PPI
Extra print options such as printing gift messages and printing in groups or batches 

Creates a report of the number and value of products sold
Produces a report showing the breakdown of VAT on sales
Shows a user definable summary of recent sales

Checks are underlines mispelled words in text fields
Customise Packing Partner, using VB.Net compiled code


Packing Partner is a yearly subscription based on the number of features you want to use, from the list above. You can start with the basics and expand later if you need.

There are discounts if you want to install on more than one PC of 20% for 2 to 5 PCs and 30% for 6 to 10 PCs .

To subscribe, click Tools>Subscribe in the program. After selecting your features, to subscribe more than one PC, click Yes otherwise click NO .

Multiple PCs

When subscribing to more than 1 PC, you need to answer Yes after selecting your features, then add all your serial numbers to the cart.

Credits for any existing subscriptions and discounts will be calculated as you add each serial number to the cart.



Up to 5 features
Up to 10 features
Up to 20 features
Unlimited features

£50 per year
£70 per year
£100 per year
£120 per year

All costs plus VAT at 20%

Training and Setup

If you need help setting up Packing Partner and learning to get the best from it's features, we offer training and setup by remote connection. We can connect to your PC and setup the program for you. At the same time we can show you how to use it, in the best way that suits your order processing.

The cost of this setup and training is £30+VAT per hour. Training and setup does not usually take more than two hours, but is dependant on the complexity of your order processing.

Download the 14 day free trial to try all the features of the Gold subscription


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Support is available from our user forum or contact us by email .
Packing Partner technical support is available Monday to Friday.
Please allow at least one working day for a response.
Phone lines are open from 10-12am Monday to Friday.
At other times, and for urgent issues please email us.